Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite cores for the high frequency power supply and high quality communication markets are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes for inductors, pulse transformers, high frequency transformers, and noise filters. Notable characteristics of Magnetics ferrite materials are high permeability, good temperature properties, and low disaccommodation. Magnetics offers eleven ferrite materials. The materials range in permeability from 900µ to 15,000µ and are available in a variety of geometries including toroids, shapes and pot cores. Hardware accessories such as bobbins, printed circuit bobbins, clamps, mounts and headers are also available.

Technical Specifications

  • Sintered Ferrite magnets are produced by adopting the method of powder metallurgy.
  • hey are low in remanence, small in magnetic permeability, bigger in Coercive force and strong in resistance to demagnetization, which are especially suitable used as the magnetic circuit structure of the dynamic working conditions.
  • Ferrite material is hard and brittle, can be cut by silicon carbide tools.
  • Isotropic ferrite permanent magnets are weak in magnetism but can be magnetized in different orientation.
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