Wet Drum Magnetic Seperator

The Wet Drum Magnetic Separator is used to remove very fine Magnetizable components from low concentration, Low-viscosity liquids the wet separator is intended for use in the metal processing industry and for the treatment of Pre- concentrate extracted from the high gradient magnetic filter. The liquid flow through a semicircular separating chamber beneath a stainless steel drum to which the magnetsable particles are attached. The Strong, High-gradient field is created by a cylinder consisting of permanent magnetic discus oositioned within the drum.Wet Drum Separator are available in different configuration like single drum, Double drum and multiple Drum.

Technical Specifications

  • Wet drum magnets have high magnetic recovery and discharge.
  • The feed slurry recovers the magnetics.
  • Available in single or multi-drum applications.
  • Permanent magnet assembly eliminates coil burn-outs.
  • The magnet / pole elements are bolted to a mild steel shaft.
  • The drum is made from thick stainless steel for long life.
  • Wet drum separators are available in a different configuration like a single drum, double drum, and multiple drums. In double drum, two separators are arranged back to back with a common feed back.
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