Lifting Magnets

Lift magnets can be used across plants that handle steel and iron products. They can be used to move material from small rods or plates to large, heavy blocks. The lack of electrical power needed comes as a great advantage to those who use lifting magnets, avoiding the possibility of an electrical failure. The safety feature prevents the accidental dropping of the lifted material. The constant magnetic force allows for the dependability that the metal material can easily be transported. Lifting magnets can be used in multiples to lift loads larger than the maximum weight requirements. When utilizing multiple magnets, the magnets must be spaced evenly using a spreader bar. Contact us to discuss your lifting needs and find out how we can help you make your process easier and more efficient.

Technical Specifications

  • EPMs suspended from fixed length spreader beam so that the maximum range of plates are covered
  • Optimise the available work area by elimination of dunnage
  • Electronic control panel along with standby PCB card.
  • Double Mag Cycle - this ensures the safe lifting of the load.
  • Power Control – Magnetic Power can be varied in 4 steps
  • Safety Interlock Key – to Magnetize/ Demagnetize 2 buttons are to be pressed simultaneously. This eliminates the chance of accidental operation of the magnet.
  • Lamp Block – Displays the systems present state
  • Chain and Hanging Arrangement – made of grade 80 high strength steel along with bull ring.
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