Rare Earth Magnet (NdFeB)

Sintered neodymium magnet is the strongest magnetic material commercially available today. It is largely made of alloy of neodymium, iron and boron, and the chemical formula is Nd2Fe14B. Sintered NdFeB neodymium magnet exhibits high magnetic energy product in small size with high coercive forces. Examples of applications include permanent magnet motors, loudspeakers, magnetic separators, wind power generators, computer hard drive, and MRI devices.

Technological Advantages

  • High Coercive Force
  • Highest Intrinsic coercive force Hcj≥35kOe
  • CPK of Remanence (Br) and Intrinsic coercive force (Hcj)>1.67
  • αBr=-0.08%/℃, βHcj=-0.4%/℃
  • 130℃, humidity 100%, vapor pressure 2.7bar, 20days, average weight loss<2mg/cm2
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