Plate Magnets

Permanent Magnetic Plates are used for separation of tramp iron found in Tea. Tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa, Milk Powder And Chemicals etc. They are available in both flat and curved shapes and could be installed either above or along the passage of materials flow. They are provided with Clamps and could be located on the conveyor of carrying such materials ideally they are located 30 mm above the layer of material flow. These plates are constructed with high energy permanent magnets plated in a magnetic circuit. They are extensively used in CTS Tea machinery and in Biscuit stacking machines. They are available in various sizes as per the requirement.

Technical Specifications

  • Custom sizes, designs, and mounting
  • 316L stainless steel and other alloy construction
  • POW-R CLEAN™ option to pneumatically operate hinged stripper face for automated self-cleaning
  • Sanitary construction
  • Single Trap, Pole Face, Twin Trap, or Suspended Face designs
  • Various magnetic strengths to choose from our products.
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